Center for Active Living

Center for Active Living
Engaging the community in physical activity and wellness programs to improve health.

COVID Update: Mask Policy
March 6, 2023- current

  • Masks are optional for healthy patients and staff. Anyone can continue wearing masks, but they will not be required on the 2nd floor of the Lane Center. 
  • Any patient who is sick (coughing, sneezing, or who has a fever) should wear a mask upon entry to the building. If you are showing symptoms of an illness, the staff may ask you to wear a mask once you reach the 2nd floor.  

Thank you for your understanding,
UCCS Primary Care Clinic Providers and Staff



Fitness goals.

“The staff at the Center for Active Living don't just tell me what I should do: they asks me what my goals are and what I like and don't like to do in terms of fitness. They are real people and seem to value me as a real person; together we are a team for my health and fitness. I like their enthusiasm, energy, positive yet sincere feedback, timeliness, and "extras" they provide, like videos of how to do my workouts.”

“Loved trying something I thought I did not like."

“I am much more willing to try to do things that I had stopped doing.”

Enthusiastic motivators.

“They always impresses us with their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. They are strong motivators and have a deep concern to making a difference in helping people lead more active lives.”

“They engage me with enthusiasm and sparkle as well as knowledge and skill. I appreciate being guided toward health a step at a time, building from what I can do to what I want to be able to do!”

 “I like that the interns are here. They add something to the class and I learn something new every time I am here.”

 “The interns being here creates an atmosphere of trust.”

Group classes.

“(PWR! Classes) are my safe haven…fun, comfortable and supportive.”

 “The best part of the class was talking with people with similar struggles.”

 “This is more than an exercise class. It’s part of my way of life now.”

“I’m am around other people and they make me laugh, we have fun and I’m relaxed. It’s just very comfortable, supportive.”

“Seeing others succeed gives you the confidence that you too can do it too!”




UCCS HealthCircle Center for Active Living
Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences Building
4863 North Nevada Avenue, Suite 128
Colorado Springs, CO 80918




Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Center for Active Living follows the UCCS academic calendar